Marisa Fernandez

Level Designer, Digital Artist, Researcher, Creative Writer

Game Design Work

A collection of class and personal projects where level design and asset implementation was the main role focus. Playable projects available on


Overview collection of art projects, with a focus on digital art (Ibis Paint), traditional sketches, cosplay, and textile work (sewing and needle felting).

Writing and Research

A collection of academic and research papers written for the fields of Cognitive Science and Game Design.

Level Design

Game Mechanics

Music and SFX

Calvin Typing Gamees

Xenoli ix


Writing and Research

Not only an artist and designer, Marisa Fernandez also has a keen skill in detailed writing for analysis and research. From writing an award-winning Game Narrative Review, to intricate analyses of the effect of Minecraft on social communities and how emotion is presented in various form of fiction, to a completely original piece of creative writing, Mari has written a large variety of work, both casual and purely academic.Take a look at the collection of writing in the public Google Drive folder!

In Orbit
(Unreal Engine)

The Dreamscape(Unity Engine)

The Blink Curse(Unity Engine)

Xenoli IX(Unreal Engine)

Illusion Mechanic Work in Progress(Unity Engine)